Pregnant Jenni Falconer Joins In Planking Craze

Pregnant Jenni Falconer Joins In Planking Craze

Twitter/Phillip Schofield

Heavily pregnant Jenni Falconer showed she's down with the kids by joining in the latest 'planking' craze - albeit in her own unique way.

Jenni, 35, who is expecting her first baby in September, demonstrated the 'reverse plank' on the back of a sofa on the This Morning set - lying on her back as to not squash her huge bump. Her co-presenter Phillip Schofield also got in on the act, 'planking' across an office chair, calling it his 'leaping salmon' plank.

Phillip then Tweeted the pics saying it was only a matter of time before planking found its way into the This Morning studio.

Jenni is currently sitting in for Holly Willoughby who is on maternity leave - planking along at home, maybe?

Phillip Schofield/Twitter

Planking - funny or plain crazy? (And dangerous across the back of a sofa if you're seven months pregnant?)