08/07/2011 09:15 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Ten-Year-Old Golfer Born With One Hand Tipped For Stardom Thanks To Bionic Glove


A little boy who was born with one hand is set to become a professional golfer after being fitted with a bionic glove.

Leo Millar - who has only been playing for SEVEN weeks - had already showed considerable prowess with just one hand, expertly putting and chipping the ball. He is now being tipped for the top by playing with a silicone prosthetic attached to his wrist.

The glove has a handle at the end and will grip any golf club, allowing Leo to play with both hands for the first time. Leo can now hit balls 200 yards and has been told he has a text book perfect golf swing.

His delighted dad Ian, 45, said 'Leo has always been very determined because of his disability and he seems to have a natural sporting ability. He only picked up a golf club for the first time two months ago and he just seemed to be a natural at it. Now with the new prosthetic limb on he is using both hands and arms for the first time and can hit the ball 200 yards. There is no holding him back now.'

Barry Mutter, an assistant professional golfer at Leo's club in Poole, Dorset, said Leo's swing was 'phenomenal':

'There is natural talent there for sure. His enthusiasm blows you away. He could be as good as he wants to be no reason why he couldn't be a professional.'

What a lovely story - good luck Leo!