11/07/2011 12:47 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Dannii Minogue's Diary Of A Working Mum: Part Deux

Hellooooo from Oz! It's so nice to be home and we're enjoying blue skies and sunny winter days here in Melbourne. It's really gorgeous. This week the temperature has averaged about 18 degrees Celsius and everyone here is complaining about the cold. I keep telling them they don't know what a real winter is! Just embrace the Ugg boot!

From auditions around the country, we have unearthed some phenomenal new stars on Australia's Got Talent. Our fans here have put the show Number One in the ratings and are all talking about their favourite acts. You should definitely check out some of the performances on YouTube. Chooka, Matty and Jack are all causing a buzz.

Now that we are all over our jetlag, Ethan is loving being back at home. He is such a bundle of fun with his pre-teething dribbly mouth and his new trick of clapping hands; he keeps me entertained for hours.

Ethan has started at the top with his first concert as a front row VIP at Kylie's Aphrodite show at Rod Laver arena in Melbourne. He even got a laminated mini backstage pass! He is so cute when he tries to click his fingers along to the music.

The J'Aton designers, Jacob and Anthony, made a huge pavlova and brought it to our place the other night. It was a bit naughty, but Ethan took a taste from the biggest slice and complimented the chefs with a massive smile on his face. The teething definitely isn't affecting his appetite!

Kris and I were also very busy planning Ethan's first birthday party. Our Aussie cupcake guru Monique from Cupcake Queens said first birthdays are all about dinosaurs for boys, fairies for girls, bubble machines and face painting - my kind of party!

As some fun time for mummy and daddy, Kris and I have gone movie mad (the best thing to do when grandparents offer to baby-sit!). Our favourite so far is The Hangover II at Village Gold Class. Pizza, wine and huge 'lazy boy' recliner seats – you must check this out if you come here for a holiday. Mr Chow (played by Ken Jeong) is the most genius character in this film – I know all his catch phrases by heart now.

Love and kisses from Oz. Dx

This month I learnt:
• Adults can be scared of clowns too!
• I am back to eating way too much chocolate and my PA says I am pushing it on her too...ooops!
• I love floral arrangements. My winter blooms are big red and orange leaves with orange roses and real oranges on branches.