Pregnant Posh Spice Plays Football In Five-Inch Heels

Pregnant Posh Spice Plays Football In Five-Inch Heels


Whilst we're glad that Victoria Beckham is finally looking pregnant and showing off a lovely round bump, we can't help but be a bit concerned by her choice of footwear.

Or maybe we're just jealous that unlike Posh, we could not cram our swollen, eight months pregnant feet into five inch high Louboutin boots. And play football in them.

Vic was spotted in a LA park having a kick about with five-year-old son Cruz, and cutting quite a dash in black leggings, a flowing black cardigan, and towering black suede ankle boots.

So whilst most mums with just a month to go agonise over whether an elasticated granny shoe or a flip flop will be the least constricting on their over-inflated feet and puffy ankles, for Victoria, it's obviously business as usual in the shoe department.

But are they really the thing for playing FOOTBALL in, pregnant or not? We think you need to have a bit of a chat with David, love, and get some advice on sportswear...

Do you like Victoria's gothic ensemble and heels? Or is she just trying too damn hard?