Pregnant Victoria Beckham And Gordon Ramsay In Restaurant Row

Pregnant Victoria Beckham And Gordon Ramsay In Restaurant Row


Pregnant Posh Spice has been REFUSED her requested meal in a US restaurant.

Victoria was dining with chum Gordon Ramsay at a swish LA restaurant and ordered a smoked trout salad with the dressing to be served on the side.

The waiter refused the eight months pregnant singer-turned-fashion-designer's request, allegedly saying dishes could not be altered.

Outraged Gordon told reporters he couldn't believe it:

'I couldn't believe it. The lady's pregnant. No one is asking to be fussy. It struck a sour note. I don't think customers should be treated that way. It might not be the way I choose to eat it, but that's what the ­customer wants. Times are tough out there. You have to show a bit of sensitivity.'

The restaurant told the Sunday Mirror that it does not alter its dishes for anybody, saying: 'It's that sense of entitlement... it has to stop. We treat ­everybody the same in here and it doesn't matter who you are.

'We have a policy that we don't make ­substitutions. There are so many items on the menu there really is something for everyone.

'It doesn't matter if you are famous or you have allergies or any other reason. Gordon Ramsay should know better. The smoked trout is one of our favourite items and has been on the menu almost since we started three years ago.'

Posh reportedly chose another dish after the refusal.

So what do you think? Good on the waiter for sticking to his guns, or an over the top response to a simple culinary request?