Teachers To Get More Powers In The Classroom

Teachers To Get More Powers In The Classroom


Teachers are to get revised guidelines for dealing with class trouble-makers.

A new handbook published today will tell them how to deal with unruly kids in the classroom.

Under new rules, staff can use "reasonable force" to remove disruptive students from classrooms, and will have extended powers to search children for stolen property, drink and drugs.

The Department for Education said teaching staff were confused by the advice given in the previous guidelines, leaving them unclear as to where they stood legally. The new booklet is down from 600 pages to just 52.

It comes about as figures show assaults on staff have reached a five-year high, with 44 teachers needing hospital treatment for serious injuries last year.

Statistics also show that nearly 1,000 children are suspended for abusive behaviour and assault every school day in England.

Nick Gibb, the Schools Minister, said the new handbook gave 'clear and concise guidance' and removed the red tape that has stopped teachers from being confident in maintaining discipline.

What do you think? What powers would you like to see teachers have?