Victoria Beckham Posing Nude And Pregnant? 'That's Not Me' Says Posh

Victoria Beckham Posing Nude And Pregnant? 'That's Not Me' Says Posh


Victoria Beckham has denied she is to pose pregnant and nude for Vogue.

Talking to reporters as she unveiled plans for yet another clothing line, Victoria took the opportunity to deny speculation that she was going to get her kit off for the fashion bible:

"I'm not really one of these people that likes to go out and pose and flaunt being pregnant," she said, "Not like there's anything wrong in that. I'm so proud to be pregnant and I feel so blessed and so happy, I really do. But I'm just not that kind of person. So, no, I won't be taking my clothes off. I don't think anyone needs to see that, other than my husband. Absolutely not."

Vicks also 'fessed up that she had already bought lots of clothes for her soon-to-be-born daughter, and said that she likes little girls to be dressed like children rather than mini-adults:

"I love the French clothes for little girls. I like little girls to look like little girls."

Hmmm. So, how long before there's a Victoria Beckham children's clothing range then?

Are you surprised that Posh will not pose pregnant and nude, given the amount of celebs who have elected to do so? (Demi, Britney, Claudia...)