Better Peaches On The Beaches

Better Peaches On The Beaches

Unless you spend your entire beach holiday draped in a sarong - or a burkini like Nigella Lawson - at some point your best asset will be on show for all to see. If you spend most of the year sitting on it, seeing your bottom exposed to bright summer sunlight can be a shock. We've rounded up some of the most effective exercise and diet tips to get your behind looking peachy on the beach this summer.

Be a bikini beach siren like Marilyn. Photo: PA

Boost circulation

Scientists may not be able to agree on the existence of, cause of or cure for cellulite, but you can help blitz your orange peel by increasing blood flow to the area. Unfortunately this means vigorous exercise, regular massage and taking the stairs whenever possible.

Get rowing

Want a full body exercise that lets you zone out at the gym? Hop on the rowing machine to work your core, arms and legs. Try to extend the distance you do at every visit, while reducing the time you spend on the machine, or set yourself fast and slow paced intervals to challenge your body.

Flush it out

Water retention and excess weight will not help your bottom look its best. Cut out alcohol and caffeine for a month before your holiday, eat healthy protein and vegetables, limit your unhealthy fat intake and drink plenty of water.

Get resistant

You can buy a resistance band for around £5-10, and it can make a huge difference to the effectiveness of your usual exercises. Try squats, leg extensions and lunges with the band to really work your bum and legs.


One of the best ways you can improve your bottom is just to squeeze your muscles regularly. Tense your bum for ten seconds and relax, then repeat as many times as you can throughout the day. You'll see a difference in the shape of your behind within a couple of weeks.

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