Natasha Kaplinsky: Being A Mum Is The Hardest Job Ever

Natasha Kaplinsky: Being A Mum Is The Hardest Job Ever


TV presenter Natasha Kaplinsky, 38, has told a magazine that being a mum has completely changed her life - for the better.

In an interview with new! magazine, Natasha says she feels 'so blessed' to have her two children, Arlo, two, and 15-month-old Angelica, saying: "My children have brought me so much happiness and I know I am incredibly lucky." She is married to Justin Bower, an investment banker.

Natasha, once Britain's highest paid newsreader when she made the move from the BBC to Channel 5, goes on to admit that being a mum is 'the hardest job ever'.

"I have so much respect for mums," she says, "I always thought it was easy, but it really isn't. That said, I love being a mum. Both my children – I know I am biased – are wonderful and I am seeing the world again through their eyes."

She says that despite once being the highest paid newsreader in the country, earning £1 million a year, she is now only working part time, but, just like most mums, struggles with the whole working-mum-guilt-complex.

"But what working mum doesn't?" she asks, "I think I am a better mum for working, though. I enjoy work, but I also feel lucky that I can be at home with the children, too."

"I feel lucky to be able to combine being a mum with a career. I guess my ambition has changed in the sense that I love working, but I also want to be at home, too."

"I'm so happy right now. Being a mum is just fantastic, but very full on! I wouldn't swap it for anything, though."

Do you feel the same as Natasha?

Are you constantly trying to balance work with your time with your children?

Natasha will be fronting a new TV show, Born To Shine on on ITV1 from this Sunday at 8pm.

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