Nick Clegg 'Kills Himself' To Do School Run

Nick Clegg 'Kills Himself' To Do School Run


Nick Clegg's wife Miriam has revealed her husband 'kills himself' dashing from early morning Cabinet meetings to do his share of school run duties.

Miriam tells this week's Grazia mag that 'Nick kills himself to be able to do it all'.

The couple have three children, Antonio, nine, and Alberto, seven, and Miguel, two.

Miriam, who is a senior partner in the law firm DLA Piper, continued: 'Either one or the other [of us will take them] on different days.'

But she then goes on to add that the family have a 'fantastic nanny' to help with the childcare.

A nanny. Right.

Call us cynical but there always seems to be a nanny or helper when it comes to these statements from 'hands on' both-parents-working high profile families. Are they really 'always there for the school run and always there for bedtime?