12/07/2011 11:10 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Pregnant Danielle Lloyd Goes Nude For Photoshoot

Closer magazine

Heavily pregnant Danielle Lloyd has stripped naked for a magazine interview.

With just 10 weeks to go until the arrival of her second baby, Danielle, 27, has quite literally revealed all to Closer magazine.

"I couldn't wait to recreate Demi Moore's naked pregnancy pose!" Danielle told this week's edition, adding that she has only gained 1 1/2 stone with this pregnancy, compared to the 3 stone she piled on with her first baby, Archie. "It makes me feel so sexy! I don't think your baby bump should be hidden under baggy clothes – it's beautiful and I'm proud of it!"

Danielle went on to say "When I was expecting Archie, I'd gorge on chocolate and crisps, but I've been healthier this time. I haven't been exercising because running around after Archie keeps me fit. Not going to the gym is starting to show, though! My legs aren't as firm and my bum jiggles!"

She and footballer fiancé, Jamie O'Hara, 24, are due to wed next May and Danielle is keen to be back to 9st in time for her big day - but not too soon. She says she will not be shedding her baby weight as swiftly as fellow wag Abbey Clancy, who was back to her pre-baby weight in just seven weeks:

"Abbey looked stunning at her wedding," says Danielle, "But she's naturally skinny and, being a curvy girl, I can't lose weight that quickly. I'll get a trainer and go to the gym at least three times a week once the baby arrives. I've basically been pregnant for the past two years, so I can't wait to get my body back. I'd like to be 9st and a size 8 before my wedding. If worst comes to worst, I'll consider lipo!

"I'm looking forward to getting back into tight outfits and feeling sexy again. I told Jamie the other day that I'd love to pose for Playboy! I definitely want to be a MILF!"

Danielle says she will be giving nature a helping hand after her baby's birth by having a bit of a boob lift!

"My boobs get so big during pregnancy, I've got stretch marks and saggy skin. I want that removed and then a lift," she says, revealing that her boobs are now 32f thanks to pregnancy. "I'd also like a chemical peel to even out my skin due to pregnancy pigmentation."

The full feature appears in this week's Closer magazine, on sale now (Tuesday)

Pregnant Danielle Lloyd goes nude for photoshoot
Closer magazine