13/07/2011 14:17 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Hallelujah! Brad Pitt's Hot Again

Brad Pitt Moneyball pictures Sexy BRad Pitt with his Moneyball co-star Jonah Hill. Photo: PA

Back in 1994, when Interview with a Vampire came out, we saw an age progression photo of what Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise would look like as old men. In those days we still thought there was a solid chance we'd end up as Mrs Pitt, so we were relieved to see Brad fared far better than Tom (in our opinion Cruise hasn't been a top shelf hottie since Top Gun, but that is a debate for another time). Our age difference would never matter, because like a fine wine, or George Clooney, Brad would only get better with age.

As the years passed we came to accept that we wouldn't be getting married, but that didn't mean we had to give up on admiring him from afar. Which is why recently we had started to worry about Brad's fanciable future.

Domestic bliss and parenting seemed to be taking their toll on our favourite pinup boy. Odd little braids popped up in his facial hair, skull caps became part of his standard wardrobe, and wacky eye wear appeared far more than we would have liked to see.

But just when we were starting to think Brad had passed his peak, he stepped out at an event for his new film Moneyball looking like the elder Brad of our younger dreams. We let out a sigh of relief (and lust if we are being honest): Brad's back. Enjoy.

Brad Pitt Moneyball pics More hot Brad and some other guys from Moneyball. Photo: PA