X Factor Judges Buy Tulisa A Stripper At Liverpool Auditions

What Do X Factor Judges Buy Each Other On Their Birthdays?

They've got more money than they know what to do with, so what would an X Factor judge buy a fellow X Factor judge for their birthday?

A new dress to wear on the opening night? A designer watch, poodle, or handbag perhaps?

Not exactly...

Despite new judge Tulisa being told to shake off her 'chavy image' by Simon Cowell, the rest of the X Factor judges have gone and bought her a stripper for her birthday.

Yes, Tulisa's 23rd birthday present from Louis Walsh, Gary Barlow and Kelly Rowland was a topless man.

She was told her own personal Adonis was under strict orders to "cater for her every need" at the Liverpool auditions yesterday.

The N-Dubz star's surprise gift was introduced on stage at the Liverpool Echo Arena and handed out drinks to the judges.

The male model then sang Happy Birthday along with the audience as Tulisa giggled at her present.

Let's just remember Rowland is earning £750,000 for the X Factor, while Walsh is on £1million and Barlow is racking in £1.5million.

Call us demanding, but we'd have hoped for more than a tacky stripper.

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