Baby Beckham And Baby Bellamy Update

Baby Beckham And Baby Bellamy Update

Harper Seven Beckham arrived in the world on Sunday (to much rejoicing and many column inches devoted to deconstructing her name).

David's sister was the first to take to social media in praise of the new arrival: "Big congrats to my sister in law @victoriabeckham and my big bro on the birth of my beautiful niece :) can't wait 2 see u all xx"

Followed swiftly by daddy David over on Facebook: "I am so proud and excited to announce the birth of our daughter Harper Seven Beckham. She weighed a healthy 7lbs 10oz and arrived at 7.55 this morning, here in LA. Victoria is doing really well and her brothers are delighted to have a baby sister xx"

And now that mum Victoria has had a chance to sit down and open her laptop, she's wasted no time letting her followers know how happy the family are with the new arrival: "Baby Harper is the most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen, I have fallen in love all over again!!!"

The star went on to add: "We all feel so blessed and the boys love their baby sister so much!!! X VB"

Over at Maison Hudson-Bellamy, Muse frontman Matt returned to Twitter following a two month absence to confirm his new son's date of birth and name: "So happy! Just had a baby boy, Bingham "Bing" Hawn Bellamy. Born 7Ib 12Oz, on 9th July."

He popped back a few hours later to explain the unusual moniker - apparently it's very much a family affair: "For those wondering, Bingham is my mum's maiden name and Bing Russell was Kurt's dad. Family connections all round!"

What do you think? Have you earmarked Harper or Bingham for any of your future offspring?


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