Children Born To 'Overly Fertile Foreigners' Fuelling Baby Boom

Children Born To 'Overly Fertile Foreigners' Fuelling Baby Boom


The Daily Mail is reporting that children born to 'overly fertile' foreigners and middle-aged women are behind the fastest population growth in five decades.

The Office for National Statistics says the number of births in the UK has risen by a massive 22 per cent over the last 10 years, with one in four babies being born to immigrant mothers.

It claims one of the main reasons for the surge in births is more women are having children in their 30s and 40s, with other factors including high levels of immigration.

The Mail reports that officials suggest the boom is also down to 'increases in the numbers of foreign-born women with above-average fertility' also fuelling the baby boom.

The figures also reveal that 46.8 per cent of all births in England and Wales last year were outside marriage.

Overall, there were 723,165 children born in 2010 – the highest number since 1972. Mums will now have an average of 2.0 children, up from 1.96 in 2009.

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