Girl Burns And Blisters After School Bans Sun Cream

Girl Burns And Blisters After School Bans Sun Cream


A 10-year-old girl suffered agonising sunburn after her school didn't provide sun cream during a scorching hot sports day practice.

The Sun reports that Aimee Bowen was badly burnt after staff at Pennard Primary school in south Wales banned lotion in case some pupils were allergic to it.

Fair-skinned Aimee ended up burned and blistered. Her outraged dad, Andrew, 44, said she had 'very raw burns' the following day.

'We hear skin cancer is rising and is more common in young people, then we get this crazy school rule,' he added.

The school's head teacher, Sharon Freeguard, defended the school's stance, saying: 'They tell pupils to apply lotion before arriving. It would not be appropriate for staff to put cream on 200 children.'

However, Aimee's mum Victoria said: 'She is capable of applying lotion herself. I thought she had sunstroke.'

What do you think? The headteacher might have a point, imagine providing sun lotion for 200 children!