Kym Marsh In Twitter Rage Over Working Mums

Kym Marsh In Twitter Rage Over Working Mums


Coronation Street's Kym Marsh has tweeted her outrage after being criticised for working so soon after the birth of her baby daughter Polly.

Kym, 35 voiced her opinions on working mums after she was slated for making an appearance on David Walliam's Wall of Fame TV show.

After seeing a tweet from a user having a go at her for working when her baby was so young, Kym angrily hit back.

Twitter user 'Nickackland' wrote: 'Doesn't know why celebs like @msm4rsh and @hollywills leave their babies for tv it's ridiculous.'

Furious Kym re-tweeted his comment adding:'Erm... it's called work.'

She then tweeted Nickackland and Holly Willoughby directly, writing: 'It's called working.....or should we not be working when we have children?? How dare we provide for our kids! Idiot.'

She then sent a tweet to her mum, Pauline, saying:

'Can you believe I'm being criticised for WORKING now!! Suppose I should rely on others to provide for my kids should I??! Ha x.

'Makes me laugh that some people think when u have children u should just stay chained to the house!!! We HAVE to work and NEED a life! Fools.'

Kym in no stranger to twitter rows, having recently used it to hotly defended her decision not to breastfeed.

Go Kym!