Sunday Tabloid Wars: Will The Daily Star Sunday, Sunday Mirror, People Or A Daily Mail Tabloid Challenger Get The News Of The World's Readers?

The End Of The World Marks The Beginning Of New Sunday Paper Struggle

When the News of the World closed last Sunday, it left a gap in the market for nearly eight million readers.

Some, like Fraser Nelson, say the readers could disappear all together. But for others, it’s the beginning of a battle to see who can emerge as the biggest Sunday tabloid.

The three existing contenders, the Daily Star Sunday, People, and the Sunday Mirror are already planning on increasing their print runs.

Trinity Mirror is also believed to be doubling the print run of the Sunday Mirror to about 2m, while stablemate the People will see its distribution upped from about 500,000 to 1m.

But will Associated Newspapers fill the gap? Reuters reported on Friday that the Daily Mail is planning a new re-top style Sunday newspaper:

The source said the newspaper group's Associated Newspapers national titles division would do an internal dummy run this weekend and would launch the following weekend if it was a success.

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