18/07/2011 14:22 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Hot Houses: Val Garland

Val Garland is not a make-up artist, she's the make-up artist. With her work currently gracing the covers of both American Vogue and Lady Gaga's Born This Way sleeve, it's safe to say she knows a thing or two about style. When she's not flying around the world making the beautiful people beautiful, you might find her at home in London's Borough Market, where she's lived in this week's Hot House for the past five years.

Val's living room, which she likes to change around on a regular basis. Pic: Jordan McLachlan

Val, what drew you to your current home?
A few individual pieces caught my attention at first, the characteristic beauty of the place I found in the little details. Old wooden beams and rafters, industrial metal poles, antique tiling, vintage zinc kitchen, decorative metal grilling and the deep cast iron clawfoot bathtub. I loved the way it was so higgledy piggledy.

Could you tell us something about how the place looked when you bought it and the work you've done/had done to achieve the current look?

It's much more streamlined and spacious now. The building has been restored back to its original feeling. I did away with some of the more modern elements that had been introduced over the years like dividing walls and fake floors. They have all been removed so that the space works better and feels more natural, giving a free flow of energy. The floorboards have been replaced with wide Georgian planks that came from an old factory and I had the doors and windows hand-built to resemble what would have been there originally.*

Have all of your homes had a similar look or do you like to experiment and change things up from place to place?
Every place I live has its own identity. I love change, so every time I move, I see it as an opportunity to try something new. Super modern and sleek, art deco, antique, everything. I have tried them all at some point or another. Now I prefer to mix and match, my style is very eclectic. I like all possible combinations and styles and don't want to be limited. I have a lot of punk era art and I love the juxtaposition of the bright colours set against a dilapidated antique table or an ornate mirror. I move my furniture around continuously, weekly, if not daily... I don't like things to stay the same for long, I get bored very easily.

What three words would you most like people to use if describing your home?
Are you selling??

What was the last thing you bought for your home?
I am currently obsessed with lamps and all of a sudden found myself with five anglepoise lamps from a vintage fair in Bridport.

What's the best thing about living where you live?
The diverse mix of people that frequent my street.

Which are your favourite places to shop for interiors?
The Marche aux puces in Paris, Ardingly, car boot vintage markets.

No home should be without...what?
A constant supply of hot water.

*This work to Val's home was carried out by ADG Interiors, 07951 635762.