19/07/2011 10:02 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Children Are Safer In Cars Driven By Their Grandparents, Not Their Parents

Kids are safer in cars driven by their grandparents PA

Children are safer in cars driven by their grandparents rather than their parents, according to a new report.

Previous research showed that crashes are more common in older drivers, mostly those over 65, but the new study focused on injuries rather than who had more crashes and discovered that children's risk of injury was 50 per cent lower when travelling with their grandparents rather than their parents.

US researchers looked at claims made between 2003-07 for car crashes in 15 US states. The data involved nearly 12,000 children up to age 15. It found that injury rates were lower when the vehicles were driven by grandparents.

Lead researcher Dr Fred Henretig from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, told reporters: 'We were surprised to discover that the injury rate was considerably lower in crashes where grandparents were the drivers.'

The 64-year-old said it was the birth of his own grandchild three years ago which prompted him to look at the statistics, saying: 'I found myself being very nervous on the occasions that we drove our granddaughter around and really wondered if anyone had ever looked at this before.'

Are you comfortable with your youngsters getting in the car with their grandparents?