19/07/2011 11:11 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Five-Year-Old's Fear Of Playgrounds Was Caused By Brain Tumour

Little girl's playground fear was caused by tumour Getty

A little girl who was terrified of going on playground slides and swings was found to have a brain tumour.

Five-year-old Poppy Worthington from Macclesfield, Cheshire, would cry and scream whenever her mum Rachel, 36, put her on rides at their local park, but her family put it down to a bizarre fear, one she would grow out of.

It was only when Poppy said that her head hurt when she went on the rides that specialists investigated - and discovered a tumour around her brain.

Poppy has now had surgery to drain the liquid from the tumour and she is enjoying playgrounds for the first time.

Her relieved mum told reporters:

"It seems like she has discovered a big part of childhood for the first time. Previously she had been almost terrified of swings and slides. She would sit on the swing but we weren't allowed to push it, she would sit on a slide but wouldn't go down. Little did we know what it really was. Obviously she was feeling dizzy. Little did we know what it really was. Obviously she was feeling dizzy."

"Now there's a massive difference – she's a hard-core action girl now."

What a happy ending - have fun Poppy!