Mum Tried To Sell Newborn Baby At Taco Bell

Mum Tried To Sell Newborn Baby At Taco Bell


A mum tried to sell her newborn baby to a customer at a roadside Taco Bell restaurant.

Heidi Lynn Knowles, 36, was in court on Monday accused of trying to sell the little boy - who was just THREE DAYS OLD - to a woman dining at restaurant in Vancouver.

The police said Heidi Knowles asked for bids between $500 and $5,000 for the baby.

The woman she approached phoned the police and Knowles was later arrested at a nearby motel.

She was described as being 'drunk or high' at the time of her arrest, although she claimed she had been free from drugs for a year.

The child was taken into care.

Knowles will face further hearings on charges of attempted child selling-buying, drug possession, theft and bail-jumping charges from outstanding warrants.