Norway Terrorist Attacks: At Least 17 People Dead After Attacks In Oslo And Utoya

Norway Terrorist Attacks: At Least 17 People Dead After Attacks In Oslo And Utoya

At least 17 people have died following two terrorist attacks in Norway.

Government buildings and the offices of a major newspaper were hit following a major explosion in the Norwegian capital Oslo, which also set the oil ministry on fire.

An eyewitness told the BBC he saw "people covered in blood lying in the street".

The blast damaged the offices of Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg's office, while other reports said the offices of Norway's biggest tabloid newspaper had also been hit.

Separately, a man fired shots at a Labour party youth rally on the island of Utoya, outside Oslo. He has now been arrested. Four people have reportedly been killed in the violence.

The prime minister was reportedly due to attend the rally tomorrow, suggesting that Stoltenberg may have been a target of both attacks.

Stoltenberg will now call a crisis meeting of Government in the wake of the bombing. In a press conference he condemned the bombings as cowardly, and said his country would stand together at this time.

“We are a small nation and a proud nation. No one will bomb us to silence. No one will shoot us to silence. No one will ever scare us away from being Norway", he told journalists on Friday evening.

British prime minister David Cameron condemned the attacks, saying: "I was outraged to hear about the explosion in Oslo and attack in Utoya today that have killed and injured innocent people... I have called Prime Minister Stoltenberg this evening to express my sincere condolences and to let him know that our thoughts are with the Norwegian people at this tragic time. I have offered Britain's help, including through our close intelligence cooperation. We will work with Norway to hunt the murderers who did this and prevent any more innocent deaths."


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