Bompas &Amp; Parr Introduce Green Boating Lake To Selfridges Roof

Bompas &Amp; Parr Introduce Green Boating Lake To Selfridges Roof

Rowing on the roof. Photo: Philippa Warr

Have you ever wondered what it would be live to go rowing in a green lake on the roof of Selfridges department store? Well, we can tell you that it's a weird but wonderful experience, full of crystals, cocktails and collisions.

The whole mad experience comes courtesy of creative masterminds Bompas & Parr, whose previous culinary spectaculars have included a chocolate waterfall, an evening of jelly architecture, and a dirt banquet. The event heralds the arrival of Truvia - a calorie-free sweetener made from the leaves of the stevia plant - in the UK.

Upon arrival visitors are given crystals (to be exchanged for cocktails created with Truvia) and invited to brave a waterfall while taking a trip across an emerald lake in a rowing boat big enough for two.

Word to the wise: the cocktails may not assist you in terms of steering your boat in the correct direction.

Cocktails and collisions. Photo: Philippa Warr

The tickets for The Truvia Voyage of Discovery are completely sold out but, if you aren't one of the lucky ones who will be heading up to Selfridges' roof, you can recreate the experience by clicking through the gallery below!


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