Boutique Of The Week: Natural History

Boutique Of The Week: Natural History
Hummingbird, beetle and long-armed squid motifs abound at Natural History, as do gorgeous linens, super chic aprons and perfectly simple glassware. We spoke to founder, Sarah Lidwell-Durnin to find out more about the origin of her style:

12 card Hummingbird set, £25. Pic: Natural History

What makes Natural History different from other homeware boutiques?
Natural History is unique because of its eccentric aesthetic and set of influences as the look is constantly informed by eighteenth and nineteenth century science and biology. We plan to tighten this feel over the next few months and take it even further - our customers love it, probably because of the combination of style and usefulness! Its difference will be even more evident this autumn as we develop the lifestyle side of Natural History beyond retail in some very exciting ways and really start engaging with people face to face.
Which are your current top three favourite products on the site?
The wonderful leather-bound entomology notebooks, the laboratory glassware and the True Grace candles, especially Sacristy which smells (unsurprisingly!) divine.
What are your bestsellers?
The notebooks, without a doubt, especially Pyrophorus and Cercope.
Does your own home reflect Natural History's style?
Up to a point. We have only been living here for a couple of years and have two babies and during the short time we have lived in our house (a Victorian labourer's cottage in Oxford) my taste underwent a complete transformation - I am never afraid of change! There is lots of white, navy and pale green at the moment.
Who would be your dream celebrity customer?
Well, we have had quite a few celebrities through our virtual doors already, but I'd be hard pressed to suggest my 'dream' celebrity customer! Most of my 'heroes' these days are high profile women entrepreneurs, especially mothers - Natalie Massenet, for instance. I'd love to meet her.

Kathy Dalwood plaster busts, £200 - £230. Pic: Natural History

Gertrude Jekyll vases, £29-£50. Pic: Natural History

What would you most like people to say about Natural History?
That they can't wait to see what we do next!

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