25/07/2011 13:46 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Do Middle-Aged Mums Dress Like Their Daughters?

Do mothers dress like their daughters? Pippa, Kate and Carole Middleton Like mother, like daughter: Does Carole take style inspiration from Kate and Pippa? Photos:RexFeatures

Are middle-aged mums looking to their daughters for sartorial inspiration? Step forward, case-in-point, Pippa.

But rather than the girls looking to their mother for style notes, according to the Daily Telegraph and a study in the Journal of Consumer Behaviour , it's more likely to be the other way round...

Does Carole Middleton copy daughters' Kate and Pippa's style? Family resemblance: The three Middleton ladies exhibit noticeable style similarities. Photos:GettyImages

The research concluded that the older generation were far more likely to copy their children in terms of makeup or clothing, in an attempt to mimic their consumer habits.

"The impact adolescents have on their parents is much more profound than has been credited to them," says Dr Ayalla Ruvio, of Temple University in Philadelphia.

"The findings clearly indicate that the subjects intentionally choose the figure they want to emulate and report their inclination to mimic their consumption behaviour.

"Children affect their parents' consumption behaviour with regard to the products that the parents themselves consume."

Well. We'll leave you to take in the Middleton family pictures above and judge for yourselves...

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