26/07/2011 12:18 BST | Updated 25/09/2011 06:12 BST

Norway Gunman Anders Breivik 'Called EDL A Blessing'

PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik wrote online of his wish to attend far-right rallies in the UK and called the English Defence League "a blessing", it has emerged.

Breivik, 32, who admitted in court he was behind the bombing in Oslo and the Utoya island gun rampage, is believed to have made internet postings on English Defence League (EDL) websites, according to an anti-fascist campaign group.

Searchlight, a monthly magazine that aims to expose the far-right, said Breivik was also in touch with the group's Norweigian counterpart, the NDL, and used the pseudonym Sigurd Jorsalfare, after the 12th century King of Norway who led one of the Crusades.

In the messages the alleged gunman expressed his admiration for the EDL and said he would like join a demonstration, Searchlight said. One post reads: "i've seen with my own eyes what has happened to england, i was in bradford some years ago, me and a friend walked down to the football stadium of bradford, real 'nice' neighborhood, same thing in the suburbs of london.

"well thinking about taking a little trip over the sea and join you in a demo. would be nice with a norwegian flag alongside with union jack or the english flag, that is if a norwegian would be welcome offcourse?"

In another post on an EDL internet forum, dated 9 March 2011, he wrote: "Hello. To you all good English men and women, just wanted to say that you're a blessing to all in Europe, in these dark times all of Europe are looking to you in surch of inspiration, courage and even hope that we might turn this evil trend with islamisation all across our continent. Well, just wanted to say keep up the good work it's good to see others that care about their country and heritage. All the best to you all Sigurd."

Breivik revealed his pseudonym in a rambling 1,500-page manifesto posted online shortly before the attacks, in which he writes: "Everyone is using code names; mine is Sigurd (the Crusader)."

Nick Lowles, Searchlight editor, said: "There is now clear evidence of direct links between Breivik and members and officials of the English Defence League. The Home Office must now formally classify the EDL as an extremist organisation and allow the police to deploy the same manpower and resources to monitoring their activity as they would other extremist groups.

"It's also clear that the proposed EDL march in Tower Hamlets cannot be allowed to proceed."

The EDL issued a statement insisting that it has never had "any official contact" with Breivik and that there was no evidence that he ever registered as a supporter on the EDL Facebook page.