27/07/2011 07:17 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Quadriplegic Man To Sue Schoolgirls Who Caused His Motorcycle Accident

Quadriplegic man to sue schoolgirls who caused his motorcycle accident PA

A man left paralysed after a motorcycle accident which occurred when he swerved to avoid two schoolgirls is set to sue the young women.

Dennis Porter, who is now 60, had taken action to avoid hitting Charlotte Humphries and Gemma McMillan when they stepped into his path as they walked home from school in Wallington, Surrey.

Mr Porter fell from his bike and was run over by a Ford Transit van. He was left quadriplegic after the accident.

He claims the girls - who are now both 19 - are guilty of negligence and has issued a writ in the High Court to claim damages and loss of earnings.

The girls had just got off a bus and had walked into the moving traffic when the incident occurred in June, 2008.

Mr Porter's solicitor Neil Rees said: 'Mr Porter's heroic action has left him quadriplegic and he will be reliant upon the care of his family and others for the rest of his life.'

He is seeking more than £300,000 compensation from the girls.

What do you think? Would you sue in Mr Porter's position?