02/08/2011 21:54 BST | Updated 02/10/2011 10:12 BST

Pippa Middleton Gets Own TLC Documentary After Stealing Show At Royal Wedding Of Prince William, Kate Middleton (VIDEO)

Only three short months ago, Pippa Middleton was a mere bystander to this decade's royal love story, consigned to holding her sister's frock when Kate Middleton married her prince and took her place in the British royal family.

But it was the sight of Pippa, perma-tanned and cutting a very dapper silhouette as she brought up the rear on the bride's entrance into Westminster Abbey that sent Twitter into a tailspin and furnished her with the media-tastic epithet Her Royal Hotness.

Since then, her every move - mostly among the stands of Wimbledon, Roland Garros and the pavements of London's most high-falutin' shopping parades - has been documented, her clothes copied up and down the land, while royal onlookers have delighted in looking for any sign of a burgeoning romance between her and Prince Harry. No doubt his own nickname for his new in-law, "foxy filly", will be earnestly dissected by experts in all things posh.

Quite what Pippa has done to warrant her own feature-length documentary is not immediately apparent, nevertheless, she has received this attention from the American TLC Channel, charting this very British phenomenon of middle-class girl from the shires turned media treasure-chest. No doubt, the programme will dig into her humble working-class background and discuss how her hardworking parents turned both daughters into elegant young ladies capable of bringing Primark to the principality. And no doubt it will leave both American and UK audiences singularly uninformed about what she actually does to incite just so many column inches (including these ones). So sit back, and enjoy what probably won't be new or thought-provoking material for anyone not taking a Hebridean cave-nap for the last twelve weeks.


Crazy About Pippa will air on TLC on Tuesday 9 August 9 at 9pm