02/08/2011 13:19 BST | Updated 02/10/2011 06:12 BST

Top Gear Apology After Jeremy Clarkson, James May Spotted Parking in Disabled Bays During Programme

The Top Gear production team have used their website to respond to complaints that the presenters were seen parking in disabled parking bays during the programme on Sunday.

The show's Executive Producer, Andy Wilman, wrote in a blog: Firstly, we did have permission from the owner of the premises to park in the disabled bays, which gave us a quiet spot to film in, and there were three other disabled bays available which remained empty throughout.

"Secondly, for those who are cross with us, please direct your anger towards myself and the production team, rather than at Jeremy and James. Both presenters expressed deep concern to the film crew and me about using the disabled bays prior to filming, because of the disrespectful impression it would convey.

"This was our fault, not theirs, and we unreservedly apologise to all the viewers we have upset as a consequence."

Disabled Motoring UK had written earlier on their website: "By parking in a disabled bay it appeared Jeremy and James were condoning this antisocial behaviour and as some members put it - encouraging other selfish people to do the same."

However, this same association praised the Top Gear coverage of Project Mobility, a challenge for disabled veterans to take rally cars from Paris to Dakar, in the same programme.