03/08/2011 11:42 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Selection Of 'Hazardous' And 'Flammable' Chanel Garments Are Recalled

You'd be forgiven for thinking that splashing out hundreds of your hard-earned pounds on that prize Chanel piece you've been coveting for ages, would have you a fab new fashion purchase for life - but it seems that even high-fashion houses aren't immune from the dreaded product recall...

Chanel dresses, blouses and scarves recalled for being hazardous and flammablw Not safe: These three Chanel garments are among the 154 in total that were recalled. Photos: Consumer Product Safety Commission

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has gone so far as to request that consumers "immediately stop using" a selection of dresses, blouses, scarves and skirts made by the French designer brand - as they "pose a fire hazard."

Including the three articles shown above (which we can't help but note, look disappointingly ordinary without the gloss of a beautifully shot ad campaign), a total of 154 items were found to "fail to meet the federal flammability standard for wearing apparel." Ouch.

It's worth noting, that the recall was conducted voluntarily by Chanel in co-operation with the CPSC, as soon as it was announced that the items didn't meet recommended standards.

The recalled pieces were all made from 100VIRTUAL-Gallery-127809%

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