Modern Life Is Leaving Kids With No Practical Skills

Modern Life Is Leaving Kids With No Practical Skills


A poll has found that parents are worried modern life leaves their children with few practical skills.

The survey, undertaken by Bosch Power Tools, revealed that sixty five per cent of parents said their children's favourite activity is watching TV, with fifty eight per cent preferring to play computer games.

Forty five per cent of mums and dads also fessed up to having five hours or less a week to play and bond with their children, whilst just a tiny thirty one per cent get their kids involved in educational or life-skill development activities, like cooking, sewing or DIY.

Despite this, nearly ninty per cent of those taking part in the survey admitted they were concerned by their children's lack of practical skills, and worried they will leave a generation of youngsters paying for hired help later in life.

Revealing why they do little practical play with their sons and daughters, seven per cent said they did not want to pass on any skills, whilst sixty four per cent blamed lack of time.

Shockingly, thirty three per cent of parents said they had no skills of their own to pass on!

Do you teach your kids practical things like cooking and sewing? Do you let them help with simple DIY jobs? Is it important to pass these skills on to the next generation?