Sophia Crouch Is A Daddy-Long-Legs Like Dad Peter!

Sophia Crouch Is A Daddy-Long-Legs Like Dad Peter!


Abby Clancy and Peter Crouch's baby, Sophia is proving she is a chip off the old block with her impressive daddy-long-legs frame.

Despite not yet reaching five months, Peter Crouch's adorable little daughter is thought to already be towering - in tot terms - at an estimated 2ft, 4inches tall!

With Peter standing at 6ft, 7inches, and model-mum Abbey being a leggy 5ft, 9inches, Sophia was never going to be a tiddler, but her current stature makes her as tall as many youngsters twice her age!

The Sun pictures Sophia being carried by besotted mum Abbey, and the not-so-little-one appears to reach from the WAG's chin to the top of her legs-or perhaps it's just the photo?

Are you a tall couple with an exceptionally tall nipper? Or are you a tiddler with a towering tot?