08/08/2011 13:41 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Dannii Minogue Announced As The Face Of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

Dannii Minogue announced as ambassador for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week Our Contributing Editor is thrilled to be announced as ambassador for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2011. Photo:Lucas Dawson.

Dannii Minogue is ambassador for MSFW Dannii in Project D. Photo:Lucas Dawson.

While we're enjoying the (sort of) sunshine over here, our Contributing Editor Dannii Minogue is currently down under in chilly Australia - where's she's just been announced as the ambassador of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.

The seven day fashion-fest will launch in Melbourne on September 5th, with over 150 different catwalk shows and events open to press and the public.

So here's a quick word from the lady herself:

"Melbourne is artistic and fashionable in every way," says Dannii. "When I think of Melbourne I think of fashion, restaurants, cafes, trams, architecture, sport, music, comedy, racing, graffiti and most of all, mystery. What you don't know about Melbourne is just as exciting as what you do know . Whether you live here or you're visiting, the people of Melbourne are the fabric of this amazing city.

"In my eyes, Melbourne is the fashion capital of Australia. Everyday you can discover something new. I love to show friends who are visiting around the city. It allows me see Melbourne through the eyes of a visitor and this is when I discover something new. I always laugh when we order a coffee and I have to explain how this is an art form - it even has its own language!

"From September there will be workshops, runway shows and parties to celebrate the fashion industry of Melbourne. As one half of a new fashion label, 'Project D', I am flattered to share this exciting week as the Ambassador with the founders of Melbourne fashion and the new young designers. It's time to put Melbourne well and truly on the international fashion map!


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