08/08/2011 07:32 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Feckless Fathers Strike Again - 39-Year-Old Dad Expecting 15th Baby With 13th Mum

It seems there is another contender for Britain's most feckless father.

Remember Keith Macdonald?, well hot on his heels is Jamie Cumming, who, at 39 is about to have his 15th child with his 13th lover.

Cumming's own mother has gone public over her despair at her son's oat sowing, telling The People that the jobless dad should stop 'fathering babies and start being a father'.

Embarrassed Lorraine, 55, said Jamie must find a job before his 19-year-old girlfriend has his latest offspring in November.

Jamie, from Dundee, sired his first child when he was just 17, when his then-girlfriend Kelly Dulley gave birth to a little girl in February 1995.

Jamie then began a 10-year-relationship with Kelly's cousin and the couple had IVF treatment through the NHS but could not conceive, despite Jamie fathering a child with another woman in 1997.

'Around the same time in 1997, Jamie got another girl pregnant - Kelly's cousin's pal,' said his exasperated mum, going on to reveal that he then had a baby in November 1998 after a one-night stand with a neighbour's daughter, then, three years later in July 2001, had another.

Just over a year passed before his sixth child, a boy, arrived, followed a few months later by a seventh son. In 2002 another woman gave birth to his eighth child, another boy, and in 2004, a new relationship produced three children - a seven-year-old, a two-year-old and a 13-month-old baby.

By December 2007 Jamie's 10th child had arrived, and five months later his 11th son was born.

Jamie also fathered a child with an Australian woman who took their son back to Oz after the birth.

Lorraine says she is in regular contact with her 14 grandchildren but feels humiliated that her son refuses to raise or support his own children.

Jamie has refused to comment - probably too busy changing nappies or something...

Phew though! What do you think about this?