08/08/2011 08:34 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Lady Gaga Upstages Britney At Her Own Concert

Dressed down: Lady Gaga rocks a biker cap and bra. Photo: WireImage

When you're a fully-fledged megastar, it's only right that you have a smattering of A-listers in your audience. But when the A-lister in question is a woman that has challenged your pop queen throne, you might feel a little differently. So when Britney Spears performed her Femme Fatale show in Atlanta this weekend, we were pleased to see that she took the conspicuous Lady Gaga's presence in her stride.

Brit opened the show saying: "I have a very special guest tonight... Lady Gaga is here." Gaga, then stood up and started bowing and sending air kisses to Britney, while she hearted her right back. Ahhhhh pop princess love in.

Gaga honoured Britney's performance wearing a leather biker cap and black bra. Just your average Sunday night then. See more of Gaga's memorable fashion moments in the gallery below.