08/08/2011 07:34 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mum-To-Be Mel B's New Baby Birth Fears: Daughters Will Be More Help Than Dad!

Mel B's new baby birth fears: daughters will be more help than dad! PA

Heavily pregnant Mel B says she doubts her husband will be much use to her during her labour!

Speaking to Hello! magazine, Mel said her young daughters will probably be more use as she delivers her third child.

'Phoenix and Angel will be there with me during my labour,' says Mel. 'Which is just as well as Stephen will be a complete nightmare. He'll probably pass out and require medical attention.'

Mel will give birth to her first child with actor Stephen Belafonte at the Cedars Sinair Medical Centre in LA, reportedly in the same suite where Victoria Beckham had Harper last month.

Mel already has two children, daughters Phoenix Chi, 12, from her marriage to Jimmy Gulzar, and Angel, three, from her relationship with actor Eddie Murphy.

She said she had recently pretended to her husband that she was in labour to see what he would do: 'I pretended to him the other day that I was in labour and he just went white; he didn't have a clue what to do. He'll be panicking and probably take us to the wrong hospital!'

Mel was due yesterday, but she tweeted her Spice Girls band-mate Mel C to say the baby liked being in her tum too much to born:

'@MelanieCmusic (It was due) yesterday!!! Help help!!! It likes being in my tummy too much right now!!'

Was your partner a help or a hindrance during labour?