09/08/2011 10:45 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Gavin Henson: I Will NEVER Get Back With Charlotte

Gavin Henson: I will NEVER get back with Charlotte PA

Charlotte Church's ex, Gavin Henson, has told a magazine he will never get back with her. The couple, who have two young children together, Ruby, three, and Dexter, two, split last April after a five year relationship.

Gavin, 29, told Star magazine that he no longer has anything to do with his former fiancée, unless there are decisions to be made over their children.

Speaking ahead of his appearance on the Channel Five show, The Bachelor, in which he will try and find Miss Right, the rugby star also reveals that he is not looking for a new 'mother' for his children - just a 'good role model for them to look up to.'

Speaking about the post-split breakdown in communication with Charlotte, 25, - who is now in a relationship with singer Jonathan Powell - Gavin explains:

"We don't really have any contact now whatsoever. The only contact we have is through our kids. I'm lucky that my parents are amazing and they do all that for me."

Gavin and Charlotte had been engaged just six weeks at the time of their surprise break up, and were widely viewed as the rugby world's equivalent of Posh & Becks. Despite this, Gavin says he is 'not upset', that they no longer even speak, saying 'she has her life now and I have mine.'

So what on earth possessed him to sign up for a TV show that will have a cameramen following him on all his dates? He says it is because the time is right for him to meet someone new.

"I could carry on being single with my kids, my parents and my sister," he says, "And I have great friends too, but in another way I do feel a little bit sad and think it's now or never. It's time to try and find a new girlfriend!"

Gavin says he is 'excited' about the show, as it will FORCE him to get out and meet girls - something he has not done since his late teens and early twenties. He also confesses that he is sure he will 'have feelings' for some of them: "And that's great - I want to feel that way again!" he adds.

So could more children be on the horizon? Gavin is obviously a doting dad, saying 'Ruby and Dexter are my world' but whilst he doesn't rule out more kids, saying that if he met a girl who wanted kids then it could 'definitely' be 'an option' there is, however, one thing he is emphatic about: "I'm going to bloody make sure it's with the right person next time round!"

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