15/08/2011 06:04 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Intelligence Is In The Genes

Intelligence is the genes Getty

New research has found that we can blame our parents for our lack of intelligence - or at least 50 per cent of it.

The research, which used a new type of genetic analysis pioneered by Peter Visscher of the Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Australia, was undertaken by Professor Ian Deary, of the University of Edinburgh. He found that up to half of our intelligence is inherited.

The study looked at blood samples from more than 3,500 people from England and Scotland and examined it for half a million genetic markers – tiny changes in their DNA.

Analysis of these results and those of intelligence tests completed by the study's participants showed that 40 per cent of the differences in 'crystallised-type intelligence' - which is the ability to acquire knowledge and skills over time - were in the genes.

'Fluid-type intelligence' which gives us the ability to reason and think abstractly under pressure was found to be even more governed by genetics, with 51 per cent of a person's ability to 'think outside the box' being down to DNA.

In a report in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, Professor Ian Deary said: 'Individual differences in intelligence are strongly associated with many important life outcomes, including educational and occupational attainments, income, health and lifespan.'

He added that the study showed that 'a substantial proportion of individual differences in human intelligence is due to genetic variation'.

So you agree with these findings? Or do you think it is more about education than genetics?