15/08/2011 13:57 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Jamie Lomas: Baby Polly Has Strengthened My Relationship With Kym Marsh

Jamie Lomas cradles new baby Polly. new! magazine

Doting dad Jamie Lomas has spilled the beans on life with his gorgeous new baby daughter Polly, born to him and Corrie actress Kym Marsh in March.

In an interview with New! magazine, Hollyoaks actor Jamie admits he is besotted with her and will not be letting her out of his sight until she is 35!

Jamie, 31, and Kym, 35, were left devastated when their little boy, Archie, died in 2009 21 weeks into Kym's pregnancy, and the dad-of-two (he has a son, Billy, five from a previous relationship) says they have just had one stressful situation after another since then:

'It has been most stressful. Even before that, with Archie and everything, we've just had one stress after another. Kym was constantly in hospital or in bed. But Polly's here now. Kym did what she had to do to get her here and I respect and love her for that. Polly is the best thing that's happened to us.'

Kym went into labour with Polly seven weeks early, something Jamie says they were 'kind of expecting': 'After 17 weeks, they were saying she could come at any time. Every day we were just willing her to hang on, and Kym went to 33 weeks.

'Even though Polly had a few problems, they were only minor. We thank our lucky stars that she's here and she's healthy - and that was down to her mum and the doctors who looked after her.'

Jamie goes on to explain that although Polly was stabilised by doctors immediately after her birth, her prematurity meant she had to stay in hospital - something he describes as 'awful' - 'all you want to do is take your baby home and look after her'.

He admits he is very protective of his little girl and says 'God help anyone who goes out with her! I don't think I'll let her out till she's 35!'

Kym has two older children, David and Emily from a previous relationship. Jamie says they all get on well, explaining that they are 'mates' rather than him being a 'second dad' to them. His own son, Billy, stays with them often, 'two or three days a week' and is 'really excited' by his new little sister, adding that it's 'dead cute' when Billy coos at her!

Despite his obviously devotion to little Polly and his son Billy, Jamie says he and Kym have completed their family now, and that he is 'more than happy' that he has got 'one o f each'.

He does say though that their heartbreaking journey to parenthood has made his and Kym's relationship stronger: 'To go through what we've been through and still be together, that says everything. There's no way anything could split us up.'

Doesn't he sound like a fab dad and partner?

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