15/08/2011 09:50 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Jennifer Lopez Plans Scientology Education For Her Twins

Jennifer Lopez plans Scientology education for her twins PA

Jennifer Lopez said in a recent interview that she 'wouldn't mind' her twins, Max and Emme, being educated within the controversial Scientology religion. It's been claimed that her faith could have been a factor in her recent split from husband Marc Anthony.

Jennifer, 42, is a committed Scientologist, and friends with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, who are also followers of the religion.

A friend of the family has said that Jennifer's plans for the three-year-old twins had caused rows between her and Marc. The source told the Daily Mail that 'Jennifer and Marc couldn't see eye-to-eye on the subject. She's always been more into the church than him. He wasn't a huge fan and it caused problems.'

Jennifer has defended the faith, saying: 'I just wish that people wouldn't judge it without knowing what it is.'

What do you think? Is Jennifer right to say people shouldn't judge Scientology?