15/08/2011 09:11 BST | Updated 15/10/2011 06:12 BST

X Factor Judge Gary Barlow Credits Coldplay For Take That Reunion

PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Gary Barlow has said Chris Martin and his band are to thank for the Take That reunion.

The singer-songwriter revealed he was inspired to get back on the road and to pen songs for the man band's 2006 Beautiful World comeback album, after listening to Coldplay's hit debut Parachutes.

He told The Sun: "I spent years telling everyone around that I didn't want to be an artist again. I didn't sing for six or seven years.

"I seldom sang on demos and if I could get someone else to sing them I would, right until I heard the first Coldplay album... I thought for the first time, 'I could see myself doing that again'."

Gary, who has joined the judging panel of the new X Factor series, added: "I have told Chris that story - it's all part of the journey, passing the baton from band to band."