16/08/2011 11:43 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Lady Gaga Borrows Dress From Birmingham Fashion Graduate

From Armani, to Versace and every label in between, Lady Gaga has a whole host of couture in her closet - but the singer decided to showcase some less well known design talent during her recent trip to Singapore, borrowing a dress from a graduate fashion collection...

Lady Gaga wearing a dress by Birmingham Fashion graduate Rebecca Short Emerging talent: Gaga eschewed the big name brands in favour of a British graduate design in Singapore. Photos:PA

The Lady struck a pose at a press conference prior to a big Singapore concert last month, showing off a towering aqua beehive and some seriously vertiginous studded wedges, along with a bold-shouldered stone neoprene dress - which was by Birmingham University fashion graduate, Rebecca Short.

"We all went to Graduate Fashion Week at the end of term and took our designs," the 22-year-old designer told the Metro. "Lady Gaga's stylist was there and she asked to borrow the dress."

"I wasn't sure if it was genuine to begin with but she asked for a few outfits from students, so the university arranged to send them. I knew she had a few designs, so I didn't expect to hear anything else."

So imagine her surprise, when little over a month later and Gaga once again hit the headlines - wearing her dress.

"It was so surreal, but there it was," said Rebecca. "The stylist had made it look amazing."

But the best part? Gaga's stylist even returned the original dress to the university, after she'd worn it.

Rebecca, who recently completed a BA in fashion design at Birmingham City University, has since earned herself a job at British fashion label Suzannah.

Click on our gallery below to see some of Gaga's most outlandish looks:

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