16/08/2011 09:46 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

More Than Half Of UK Children Do Not Get A Bedtime Story


A study of kid's reading habits has revealed that more than half of UK children are NEVER read a bedtime story - and those who are read to by adults, are granted just one minute of reading a day!

The research was undertaken by Alton Towers, and polled over 500 six to eleven year olds.

It found that 29 per cent of children ­experience just half a minute of reading time (on average) with only eight per cent saying they were read to every night.

Despite this, 44 per cent of the children questioned said they would rather be read to than play computer games!

The study also found that 57 per cent of children are never read to at all at home during an average week, with 16 per cent being read to once a week. It is probably not surprising then that the survey also revealed more children had heard of Homer Simpson than Peter Rabbit!

David Steel from Alton Towers, said it was 'particularly striking to discover the amount of children who love being read to versus those who actually experience reading time with their parents.'

What do you think? Is reading to children important? Do you make sure your little ones have a bedtime story every night?