17/08/2011 13:10 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

IPhone App To Allow Unborn Babies To CHOOSE Their Own Name

iPhone app to allow unborn babies to CHOOSE their own name PA

So, how about this for an iPhone app - a program that lets unborn babies choose their own name!

Yes, we're a bit, 'er, what?' about it too, but the 'Kick to Pick' was apparently dreamed up after its creator got into a discussion about how babies have no influence over the names they're saddled with. The answer to this moral dilemma was to create a device that allowed a foetus to choose its own...

And if you're wondering how, well, Kick to Pick randomly generates thousands of baby names and the mum-to-be just has to put her phone on her baby bump to allow her little one to choose one. (Well, the phone will generate one once the baby kicks it). Mums and dads can have SOME say over the name by narrowing down the choices by gender, or create a list of favourites. And they can reject the name generated and keep trying until the baby 'picks' one they like.

The apps creator Nathan Parks told Time magazine: 'The idea for Kick to Pick came from a discussion about baby's choices and the fact they had no influence over the name they go onto keep for the rest of their lives.'

Well we think it's absolutely bonkers - what's wrong with a good old fashioned baby name book? And anyway, doesn't everyone hate the name their parents' saddled them with? Do you like yours?