18/08/2011 11:13 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Family With 10 Children On £14,000 Salary Refuse Benefits

Family with 10 children on £14,000 salary refuse benefits Alamy

A young couple with TEN CHILDREN have told the Sun how they refuse any state hand-outs beyond family allowance, despite the dad earning just £14,000 a year as a carer.

Lee Hamlin, 39, and Emma Payne, 36, told the paper they were 'sick of scroungers ruining Britain,' and that they wanted their children to grow up to value the importance of going out to work.

The family spoke up after hearing about jobless mum-of-ten Moira Pearce who, despite being on £30,000 a year in handouts, says she is not given ENOUGH financial help from the state.

Lee, of Penistone, Sheffield, told the Sun Moira's situation was a 'joke', adding she should 'get off her a*** and get a job, or make these dads stand up and pay for the kids.'

Lee and Emma COULD claim income support, housing benefit, working tax credits, council tax allowance and free school dinners, but instead, whilst Lee is at work, Emma fits in ad hoc shifts as a support worker around looking after their family.

Lee admits the family are 'struggling' and that he has applied for a SECOND job in a call centre to supplement his income on the days he is not working as a carer. He says he would rather 'work seven days a week than have to rely on benefits.'

Emma had four children when the couple met in 1996, and they have gone on to have six together. They say they spend £200 on their weekly food shop, and put £50 of petrol in their Vauxhall Corsa each week.