18/08/2011 09:57 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

I Tried It: Power-Plate Studio Sessions

Despite our best efforts, it can sometimes be a real problem trying to find a whole hour to devote to exercise so the fact that Power-Plate studios promise a full body workout that only takes 30 minutes per session is rather attractive. Add in the fact that the studio locations are in Harrods and Selfridges and exercise is starting to look like fun!

Photo courtesy of Power-Plate

What does it involve: Power-Plate is a machine which aims to increase the effect of a workout through vibrations. Participants stand or lean on the vibrating platform as they are guided through a series of exercises. The idea is that the micro-movements of the plate create instability which causes your muscles to contract involuntarily 25-50 times per second.

All these involuntary contractions combine with the effects of the exercise itself to give a more intensive workout in a shorter period of time.

You can also book an InBody reading which will analyse your body composition and let you know your BMI and whether you have healthy levels of fat and muscle as well as telling you other interesting things such as how well hydrated you are.

Perfect for: Anyone who is pressed for time will welcome the possibility of shortening their exercise routine and, if you work anywhere near Selfridges or Harrods you can nip out for a 25-30 minute classes on your lunch break. It's also great for helping you tone up and develop core muscle strength - vital for perfect posture. Given the machines are rather expensive to own (several thousand pounds for the bigger version) it's also a rather good way to get the benefits of the machine without emptying your wallet.

New to exercise: The Power-Plate studio classes are petite with space for a maximum of four people so the trainers will be able to keep an eye in newcomers to make sure they're getting the most out of their exercises and make adjustments if you experience any twinges. They will also be able to make dietary suggestions so that you don't undo all your good work exercising but, as with anything, if you're making major changes have a word with your GP beforehand.

Advice: The only thing missing from the Selfridges Power-Plate studio is a shower so if you're prone to perspiring, schedule your class at the end of the day so you can head straight home afterwards. On a superficial level you might also want to make sure you're wearing nice socks - you need to wear socks and no shoes for the sessions so any holes will be up for scrutiny!

What's the damage: Power-Plate sessions cost £20 each, although you may prefer to save a bit of money by going for a block of sessions - 11 for £200 or 23 for £380.

An InBody consultation costs £10.

Sessions and InBody consultations are available at both Harrods and Selfridges studios.

Sign me up: You can book sessions in person or by phone. The Harrods studio can be reached on 0207 893 8518 and Selfridges on 0207 318 3136