19/08/2011 07:02 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mum Of Teenage Rioter Won't Bail Him To Her Home

London riots PA

A mum of a teenager accused of rioting in London has refused to bail him as she doesn't want to lose her council house.

Della Collins' son, Jermaine, appeared in court charged with violent disorder and threatening behaviour.

While Della says she has been keeping an eye on developments of his case, she has told Jermaine's solicitor that she will not offer her home for his bail, fearing she will lose it if he returns home to live.

'It's not fair for them to take my house away. I have other children to look after. If I lose the house, I lose everything,' Della told The Daily Telegraph.

'I wasn't involved in any of this - it has nothing to do with me. The government does not give a damn about people like us – nobody does. The government doesn't care about these kids and now all they want to do is destroy people's lives.'

Speaking out about her decision not to allow Jermaine home, Della says she would suffer abuse from her neighbours if he was to return to her house to live:

'He wasn't even living here. But he did want to move back. My neighbours would lynch me if they knew about this - they already hate me.'

Do you support Della's decision or think she should support her son, no matter what trouble he's been in?