22/08/2011 17:09 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Boutique Of The Week: Theo

You have to love an online boutique that sells ceramic welly boot vases, knitted doughnuts and Solitaire-style olive (or Malteser) nibbles trays. Theo is fresh, colourful, fun and has really great stuff. We asked the man behind the Theo brand, Thorsten van Elten to tell us more:

How would you describe what Theo has to offer to someone who'd never seen the site?

Theo sells friendly products which are well considered and have a long lasting appeal, both aesthetically and quality wise. We sort of have a motto: But less but buy better!
Do you have any favourite designers or is that like asking you to pick a favourite child?

Oh I couldn't pick one...also, it changes on an almost daily basis.

I have a budget of £40 for each and want to buy: i) something for my best (female) friend's birthday; ii) a gift for my husband for our anniversary; and iii) something to brighten up my living room. What would Theo recommend?

i) Solitaire by A. Klauser & B. Barford + a box of Maltesers

ii) The Cable Car Wind-up mechanical toy Made in Czech Republic because most grown up men are big kids at heart!

iii) Wolfie Cushion by Donna Wilson (pictured below).

Which items from the shop do you have in your own home?

Haha, the list is very long as Theo wouldn't really sell anything I wouldn't have in my own home. I have a Pigeon Light, Plant Cup, Little Joseph, Link, Sky Planter, Battersea Blanket, Owl & Fox Cushion, Genius Pads, Loo Table, Kippford you can see, my home is practically a Theo showroom!

What interiors trends are you seeing at the moment?

I'm not really a big fan of trends so don't seem to pay much attention to them. I always think it's your home: make it feel and look like your home.

Which other homeware/design sites do you admire?

Quite a few, but I particularly like Everything they do is so well considered.

Which products are flying out of the door at the moment?

Oh, Messografs (they always fly out) and the British Isles Map (pictured above, £25).

Why should our readers shop with Theo?

Because we care, oh, and because we have impeccable taste of course!

Wolfie cushion by Donna Wilson, £35 (£38 with pad). Pic: Theo