23/08/2011 07:40 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Pregnant Mel B: 'It's Still Bloody Stuck In There!'

Pregnant Mel B PA

With her third baby due any day, mum-to-be Mel B is getting fed up with waiting for her new arrival to make his or her appearance.

Scary Spice has been on Twitter to discuss her 'bigger and bigger' baby bump, tweeting ex-bandmate Mel C after she asked her, 'where's this baby???' with a message anyone who has been overdue will relate to:

'@MelanieCmusic still bloody stuck in there, It's getting bigger and bigger arhhhh.'

Earlier she had shared her daughters Phoenix and Angel's efforts to get the baby out with her 263,344 followers with the message:

'Hahaha my kids are trying to get me to run up our drive way hill to get my labour started, they are adamant right now to see the baby!'

Mel had previously asked her fans for help with unusual baby name ideas, suggesting Hunter, Sunny and River as possible choices.

Do you know how Mel is feeling? We'd love to hear your overdue and birth tales below...